Neva 12.6 SUP


Jobe Neva 12.6 Inflatable Paddle Board Package



The Neva 12.6 was brought to life for the true travellers out there planning to explore every inch of the world and cruise at a fast pace, effortlessly. Our Neva 12.6 comes with a special bag with a front pocket, aluminium paddle and a pump in a matching colour. Our beauty loves to discover lakes, rivers and urban waters and performs best up to boardersweight of 120kg. You get a little surprise, too: SUP leash coil 10 ft green. The Neva 12.6 has a nose-rocker of 9” inch and a 8” nylon single fin mounted in a US fin box to make your board cut through the water like a hot knife through butter. Because her length and width, she is also ready to tour. Stand up Paddle Board.

  • Length: 12’6” (3,8 m)
  • Width: 30” (76,2 cm)
  • Thickness: 6″ (15,2 cm)
  • Volume: 320L
  • Board Weight: 20.9 lbs (9,5 kg)


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