Walk on Water HD


Balance and water walking skills combine to challenge all who step on

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Available in our Heavy Duty construction, the Walk on Water HD is the ultimate connector. HD construction is designed for higher traffic Aquaparks as well as Aquaparks that are installed in extreme climates and/ or closer to the Equator and feature our class leading Double Layer construction. The Walk on Water HD’s 6 connected platforms are an exciting alternative to the Runway 20’ or can be used on its own as a fun and challenging way to connect an Aquapark. The Walk on Water turns a regular Aquapark connecting platform into a challenging race track for participants young or old. It can be used as a stand-alone item, or can be connected to any Aquapark using the 5 D-Ring Interloc system on 2 sides combined with our secure Vario-Lock cinch strap system.

  • Specs L 20′ x W 5′ x H 0.5′ (L 6m x W 1,5m x H 0,2m)
  • Capacity 4
  • Box dims L 65″ x W 15.7″ x H 12.6″, 104 lbs. (L 165cm x W 40cm x H 32cm, 47 kg)


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