Runway Series


The best way to link any Aquapark together

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Available in both our Heavy Duty and Standard constructions, the Runway is the piece that links it all. The HD version is designed for higher traffic Aquaparks as well as Aquaparks that are installed in extreme climates and/ or closer to the Equator. HD versions are produced with several design and material modifications and feature our class leading Double Layer construction. On both versions, the slippery surface seems to invite guests to invent new ways to play. Walk, run, slip, slide, leap-frog or cartwheel down the stable Runway. Both versions have exceptional long-term durability and offer many advantages including ultra-low-profile boarding for extra convenience. It can be used as a stand-alone item, or can be connected to any Aquapark using the 5 D-Ring Interloc system on 2 sides combined with our secure Vario-Lock cinch strap system.


  • Specs L 10′ x W 5′ x H 0.3′ L 3m x W 1,5m x H 0,1m
  • Capacity 6
  • Box dims L 23″ x W 17″ x H 7″, 39 lbs. 1 pc. L 58cm x W 43cm x H 18cm, 18 kg


  • Specs L 20′ x W 5′ x H 0.3′ L 6m x W 1,5m x H 0,1m
  • Capacity 8
  • Box dims L 23″ x W 17″ x H 13″, 79 lbs. 1 pc. L 58cm x W 43cm X H 33cm, 36 kg

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10', 20'


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