Ocean Pool


A portable floating pool with an 8′ (2,4 m) deep mesh enclosure designed to keep out even the smallest jellyfish and unwanted sea life.

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With space to lounge on the deck and swim in peace, the Ocean Pool quickly becomes the focal point of any yacht. Add Aquaglide accessories to the outside edges of the pool using Vario-Lock cinch strap attachment system. It can be anchored on its own, or used off the back of a yacht.

  • Capacity: 8
  • Warranty: Limited 3 year
  • Dimensions: 13′ x 13′ (4 m x 4 m) / 16′ x 20′ (6m x 5m)
  • Height:  0.4′ (0,1 m)
  • Min. Water Depth: 4′ (1,2 m)

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4m x 4m, 6m x 5m


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