ASAP Wavejam Bodyboard


Engineered to power through surf and blast across lakes & rivers, all with incredible towing torque.

ASAP electric water craft let you can reach new adventures.



Powered by a guarded fully enclosed propulsion system & Lithium-ion battery pack. The dense moulded hull provides durable buoyancy – whilst the aluminium chassis is the skeleton of the product providing strength, water cooling and handles. The combination of these materials make a light weight, easy launch water craft with a runtime of over 60 mins and a fast charge time of 1.5 hours.

  • Weight: 24kgs
  • Top Speed: 16km/h
  • Power: 5kW
  • Runtime: 60-70mins
  • Fast charge: 90mins
  • Standard Charge: 180mins
  • Dimensions: 145x60x28cm
  • Battery: 50V 1.46kWh 31.2Ah / Lithium-ion
  • Buoyancy in water: 60kgs
  • Colours: Blue & Orange
  • Speeds: 3
  • Motor performance: 4000rpm in water
  • Hull / Body: Dense moulded foam
  • Steering: Body weight leaning
  • Stopping: Water resistance
  • LED Display: Speed selected & battery remaining


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